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Monday, 15 February 2016


Can’t believe it’s already the middle of February and I haven’t blogged since the start of January! Things really don’t go the way you plan them and me being me I do love to procrastinate and have been avoiding my problems as I am in such a rut with my career and personal life and the direction I’m going with my life, I wish I could say more so I can show others that their not the only ones going through this problem but unfortunately for personal reasons I can’t. I am hoping in the next few months I have it “sorted” and share with you what it is and share with you on how I have fought it!

The word that has been in my mind recently, which has made relevance to my life, is the word faith. Faith is definitely something I believe I need more in my like and it is also I need to believe in a spiritual sense as another reason I haven’t been that glued into the blogging word as two of my family members were not well, both unwell in their own spectrum.  One of person being my granddad who is terminally ill and I pray for his recovery, I would appreciate any well wishes for him as he needs as much as he can get. The same would go for the other person being my sister as she slowly recovering from her illness but I hope that she doesn’t go through with this past stage again, there some illnesses that even doctors do not have the answer to and this is where faith comes in which is the only thing you can depend with situations likes these and I have all the faith in the world that these two people will make a recovery J

The last few days I’ve been off work, as technically today I would have been abroad but as I mentioned things don’t go as we plan them but we were lucky enough to get some of the money back the money we paid for as I cancelled as soon as possible. So with the days off I’ve using this time to style my room as I started back last August and am still redecorating and I have to wait until I have enough extra cash to do so! (the life of a grown up eh) I’ve also been using this time to vlog so I add something different to my channel as I cant always make haul videos and I never have the time to film my make up. I’ve really been enjoying vlogging even though I’m not getting up to exciting things, its nice to show my personality more. I’ve also been braining storming on what to do my blog and what to add so watch out! I’m still optimistic to make 2016 my year even though the start hasn’t been great! J  I guess writing this post has helped me more than anything and I hope someone comes across this page and realises how we need to have faith and get through every chapter of our life, this is so cliché but so true!

Xxx Tami