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Saturday, 26 October 2013


Hi there! 

Another Update for the lack of MIA, what can I say life has happened, things you don't ever imagine to go through all comes crashing down together, from a sibling taking ill and six months after my nanny passing away my granddad decided to join her, this just goes to show never take anything for granted. 

Last month I also finished my final project for my masters which was my dissertation which had basically consumed my whole summer and boy was I glad to get rid of it! at the moment I'm looking for a grad job to get me started in the big bad world of business but at the same time I'm considering doing a PhD (0_o ) which all would start next sept! so until then I'm still working at my part time job and hoping to commence on blogging and youtube :).

Style wise after the events of the past year of going back to education and personal issues I've really changed in terms of style where I seem to go for even plainer outfits and have found my "niche" ! but not forgetting my love for accessories and bold makeup hasn't changed! so I cant wait to start sharing some of my autumn winter go to style which is my favourite season to style for. So watch out for new posts (this time I promise !) and do feel free to suggest anything posts I should do.



Thursday, 31 January 2013


Hello Guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts, lets just say life happened, I lost my beloved granny in November, one of my sibling got very ill and postgrad life with my part time job had taken a toll on me on the past months in which I was so close to quitting but I got through it with the help of my family and friends and stayed on as I know it would have been what my granny would have wanted.

On a a more different and positive note my sibling is on recovery and is getting better and I've finished first semester! I'm hoping to start writing on the olde blog again and start doing what I love which is  writing and sharing about Fashion and beauty :). I've started the new year going to one of my favourite places ever which is London! Every time I go there I get more and more fascinated and I see new things I haven't seen before. I finally went to Harry Potter Studio's and LOVED it! (#HPdiehardfan) and anyone who loves the books and the movies I would totally recommend to go there but bear in mind its not in central London so plan you trip if your going. 

I'm hoping 2013 is the year for me and hope to achieve my aims in life in including blogging more! so watch out! and if you have a fashion or beauty blog and your reading this then link me to your blog I would love to read :) Another little update I finally got my nose pierced and love it, already started planning what piercing to get next on my ears! I also finally upgraded and got the Iphone 5 so much  better than my crappy blackberry but I do miss the keyboard. and last but not least I'm on the AA disco pants bandwagon! I got mines when ASOS were offering 25% off for students and it was a good purchase I loved them so much and wore them so much in London.

Anyway I'll leave you guys with an outfit I wore in London and was taken Westfield Stratford (my Second home). (Yep I know my hairs gone long :) 

See you soon, 


Cardigan | Topshop
Shirt | River Island (Sale)
Boots | Office 
Bag | Primark! (Current and a bargain!)