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Saturday, 26 October 2013


Hi there! 

Another Update for the lack of MIA, what can I say life has happened, things you don't ever imagine to go through all comes crashing down together, from a sibling taking ill and six months after my nanny passing away my granddad decided to join her, this just goes to show never take anything for granted. 

Last month I also finished my final project for my masters which was my dissertation which had basically consumed my whole summer and boy was I glad to get rid of it! at the moment I'm looking for a grad job to get me started in the big bad world of business but at the same time I'm considering doing a PhD (0_o ) which all would start next sept! so until then I'm still working at my part time job and hoping to commence on blogging and youtube :).

Style wise after the events of the past year of going back to education and personal issues I've really changed in terms of style where I seem to go for even plainer outfits and have found my "niche" ! but not forgetting my love for accessories and bold makeup hasn't changed! so I cant wait to start sharing some of my autumn winter go to style which is my favourite season to style for. So watch out for new posts (this time I promise !) and do feel free to suggest anything posts I should do.