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Sunday, 3 January 2016


Happy New Year everyone, I hope everyone had an amazing time off during the holidays and are not dreading too much to return to work tomorrow (you're not on your own!) I can't actually believe it's 2016 already the past year has flew in and in a way I'm glad to put it all behind and start afresh. I know it's cliche to think of change and goals around this time of the year but I do think it's only when you have time off to yourself that you can think about these things which for me is this time of the year. The past year for me I don't think I've actually taken time out to breathe, when I'm off I'm planning things to get rid of my stress when actual fact I should be doing things to relieve stress not avoid it. So this year I really want to focus on myself and my wellbeing as well as caring for the ones who matter the most. I guess its a age thing that you start to realise who's going to be there in thick and thin and who's not, but this year I want to focus on "doing me".

Unlike last year I don't want to write down unattainable goals and really dramatic ones as realistically there not achievable and can be quite demotivating half way through the year so this year I want to have small targets that then add up to my overall goals. I hope these goals help some of you's and do let me know what your new year resolutions are :) 

Health & Wellbeing

I guess this is popular resolution to make during the start of year but this year I actually want to stick to it and start small. I've been really slacking in the gym lately so I want to ease myself back slowly. My target is to go to 4 spin classes a month and then attend 4 other classes therefore on a minimum going to the gym twice a week. For now I think this is a good start but again I will start adding more in the following months. Food wise I really want to reduce down on my sugar intake and the takeaways I have! I really also want to start learning how to cook as I seriously don't know how to cook anything! I really want to make an effort and cook meals for my family and as I think cooking healthy meals would overcome these two goals :) 
In terms of wellbeing I really want to start trying out yoga as this would be great for me to get some me time, I'm thinking of either getting a DVD or trying out classes but this is something I want to start in February as again I don't want to bombard myself with too many things this month. I also want to have a "no technology day" once a week, during the weekdays this can be hard so I want to dedicate one of my weekends to a no tech day (possibly a Saturday as Sunday is Blogging/Youtube day)  is anyone else trying this ? 

Money & Decluttering 

I have been thinking about this in the past few months and I really want to start saving for the future and for rainy days therefore really want to open up a savings account and also get myself a money bank thats can't be opened easily (I'm so bad at saving) therefore I will dedicate a small amount to put away for savings again I want to try small and then start saving more in the months to come as I'll need to save for holidays etc. 
In terms of things in my room I really to start getting rid of unwanted/unloved items so therefore I'm going to stick to a rule of any new item in my wardrobe I need to give an item to charity as my wardrobe is going to collapse one point!

Organised & Reading

I really want to be more organised how I set my week and write down my goals for the month! ( I know easier said than done). I don't know about others but actually writing things down with pen and paper feel so much better then using a laptop ( I tend to remember things more!) therefore I am on a hunt for diary (Yes I know we're already in the first week of January but I'm always late in the bandwagon) I have been eyeing the Erin Condren ones after seeing other bloggers talk about it as well as the Kate Spade one and this Paperchase one. 

I actually can't remember the last time I was reading which is really bad as I use to enjoy reading so I want to try reading lighthearted books to get me into the swing of things so mu goal is to try and read one book every three months which doesn't seem like a hard task but if I'm put off by a book it's hard for me to get in the swings of it again. I've just ordered a Lindsey Kelk's "About a girl" so if you're a fan of her books and know of other authors who write similar books then please do let me know :) 

Blogging and YouTube 

I've already talked about my youtube goals which I've added the clip below but in terms of blogging I really want to stay up to date and post regularly. I want to atleast post twice a week and also add the fashion/style element to my blog again as that was the main reason behind me making a blog as my youtube channel was for all the beauty related things, but don't get me wrong I love blogging beauty but I definitely have not blogged enough style so thats a mini goal for me try and do. In order to blog regularly I want to actually go out to a cafe and work on my blog/channel because when I'm home I procrastinate so much and leave it in the back end and then regret it so therefore want to spend an afternoon in a coffee shop blogging away (Instagram moment here) 

Personal Goals 

There are some personal goals that I have in terms of career wise which I will share in due course but for now I want to make in a mission to be content in my career as I feel like I'm going round in circles. One other thing I want to achieve is to travel since I've started taking weekend breaks I have been addicted to planning travel itineraries for future trips. I love seeing new places and I think this is time to go travelling for me personally which I'm not tied down job and family wise...

How to achieve these...

Like I've mentioned continuously I really want to have small tasks that are achievable which will add up to my bigger goals so I plan to write these goals down in my diary as a list. I have tried to playn specific days to do the above goals and I can't wait to score them off in my diary. As well as this I plan to catch up with you guys in 6 months time and let you know how I get on therefore have a sort of time goal to work on....

I hope this was helpful in some little way and I would love to read your #2016resolutions 

XX Tami XX