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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Anti-Bucket List!

Like everyone else around this time of the year I tend to think of goals to set ourselves for the new year but sometimes we forget that we should be grateful for things that have came our way in the past year. Although things have not worked out how I planned, there are also things I feel grateful for and thought I would share what I've achieved whether it was big or small as one of the favourite quote is "Don't worry too much on your mistakes. Mistakes become experience". 

This post was totally inspired by Olivia's post highlighting how we should remember how far we've came because no-ones going to give you a pat on the back for your personal goals apart from yourself! Now saying that I will also have new goals for the new year :) especially travel wise as travelling is something I really want to achieve in my 20's so there is places I want to visit but at the same time I wanted to highlight how far I've got with 2015: 

1. Visiting New York City (Was no.1 on my travel list) and first ever helicopter ride - For some one that is afraid of heights I thought I did well at staying calm our helicopter flew us around NYC and it was a small helicopter to begin with (hating small spaces and all that) so thumbs up for that! NYC was truly how I imagined it and if anyone is going there soon I am so jealous right now as it did not disappoint me but I will share more in tomorrows Travel Thursday post :) 

2. Letting go of my part time job - Will truly miss working for them (and the staff discount) but working a full time and part time job was getting a little too much for me so I needed to let go!

3. Exploring my city more - Living here basically all my life I never have truly appreciated what is close to home I was grateful that I did a bit of exploring and took advantage of bank holidays and went to good old tourist spots. 

4. Had my first afternoon tea experience! - Okay so not a major goal but I finally got to see what the fuss was all about and I loved it! have tried a few places now and I have to say it is a great concept as it's a nice way to chill over some tea and scones!

5. End of last year/start of this year I visited my grandparents who live a wee bit away from me so I don't get to see them that often and with my grandad being ill he can't travel to see us so it was lovely to see them after so long. As my nanny and nandad passed away two years ago I want to be able to see my paternal side more and now that I don't have to worry about exams and what not I'm hoping to see them more often now. 

As mentioned there was much more I had planned for 2015 but things don't always go to plan but I'm grateful for the little things that have happened :) 

Have you written one of these as well ? Send me links and I would love to check it out