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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A peacefulness follows any decision.....

"A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one." 
~Rita Mae Brown

One thing I hate facing in life is making major decisions that has a big impact on me , but as I get older, anxiety seems to grow stronger, I really hope this is just a small phase and the decision that I make is a good one and that I don't regret it,  I really want to say what it is but I can't at the moment so when the right time comes all will be revealed guys :), I really liked this quote  and has helped me so I thought I would include it in this and I hope its inspires others who read it as well..

Enough of that and on to the outfit...

Went out for dinner and the cinema with some friends to catch up, nice to hear different opinions when your find trouble making decisions !, went to Nandos as per usual and went to see American Pie the Reunion, I haven't seen the previous ones but I don't think you would need to anyway. I opted for something comfy yet dressy to wear because I know I'd be sitting in the same spot for a while in the cinema ! I've really been enjoying recycling my wardrobe and wear really old things and finding new ways to wear them recently?  has anybody else been doing that ?

Shirt | Primark (old)
Skirt | H&M
Necklace | H&M
Shoes | Topshop
Shamballa Bracelet | London Markets 
Bangles | H&M