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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Top Knotch

Cant believe I haven't posted in over a month ! where does the time go and were already in May, I never going to be going at time management, anyway the weather can add to disappearance of my posts ! haha, enjoying my day off for once doing nothing and watching videos and reading blogs on the pc ! ( I will be a MAC girl someday) which is usually what I do on a Sunday but as i working on Sunday this can be the day !

I thought I would share my recent outfit post, just a typical day of running errands, had to tie my hair up because of the wind which I usual don't do because I don't like my hair up but rather that then hair up my face !, I did wear my trusty faux leather jacket with this because of the chilly weather and atm all I seem to want to wear is black ! ( I'm defo a winter girl at heart ) need to get me some summer inspiration.  You cant really tell because of my top knot but I've temporarily dyed my obmre a medium brown colour just for a bit of change but I haven't completely gone off my ombre as it'll come back after the dye washed off.

Top | Primark
Skirt |  Primark
Boots | a Shoe boutique in Westfields stratford?
Bag | A|Wear Old
Necklace | H&M
Red Bracelet | Pandora