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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Rose Gold Gear : )

In the recent months the need for rose gold jewellery has rose (no pun intended) and now you can see them everywhere from bags to clothes, as well as Jewellery which it is most popular with. I love the colour of rose gold, if worn properly I think it can look very chic ! I have yet to acquire any of the famous Zara bags with Rose gold hardware but I do have some Beauties from H&M and Accessorize :), I love buying Jewellery from H&M  when they bring out the Good stuff its usually bang on "trend" and love how simplistic yet versatile their jewellery whilst not breaking the bank ! I found my little peace bangle in Accessorize and loved that fact it matched with my little rose gold collection.

Chocker & Plain Bangle | H&M
Peace Bracelet | Accessorize

Have you found any little gems lately?