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Monday, 25 June 2012

I Won't Know Anybody There...

Recently I've been going through a Maxi Skirt/dress phase all I seem to wear is them! I guess I just love how comfortable and floaty they are while also making the outfit look a bit different. Even though I don't own many I have styled them all different ways, hopefully can show you more on here. I would describe today's look a bit more on the "geek chic" side, not really a fan of that word but its the only way I can describe it. I picked up this Maxi Skirt back in January in the River Island Sale for £5.00! its definitely getting its worth and I wish I picked up another colour because they had loads of them when I went. You cant really see my bag but its the Alexa inspired bags you get on eBay, mines is a mini version I bought ages ago so couldn't link you to the seller but you can still get it on eBay. 

I'm on the hunt (again) for a nice bag for work and stuff wouldn't mind it being designer "inspired", have you seen any nice bags recently? I would like a black bag this time as believe it or not I don't own any proper black bags! Most of my bags are either tan or leopard print (leopard print lover) and as I said I'm loving black so why not get it now......

Top| Primark (old) 
Skirt | River Island (old) 
Sandal | Faith via Debenhams
Bag | eBay 
Faux Glasses | Primark