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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Primark A/W 2012

Sorry to be a bad blogger AGAIN! but as always life gets in the way and if you work in retail you know how busy summer sales can be!
A Little update for you guys I'm going back to Uni this year to do a post grad! (Yay) I was so happy when I got accepted and really hope all goes well for me, I'm a bit excited, a bit scared and a bit nervous it'll be a whole new process but hope an enjoyable one. Its a one year full time course so will be pretty intense but at the same time I cant wait to show you guys how I style for Uni etc. as now I won't constantly be wearing my work uniform! :) Also if all goes well I should be a proud owner of a Macbook soon! I've never had one so don't know which one to go for (help) if you guys have one please let me know and if you would recommend it.

Anyway on to the main aspect of this post, September is upon us that  can means two fashion related things: 1.Fashion Week 2. Autumn(fall)/winter Fashion! both in which I'm so excited for, I've always preferred winter clothing to Summer as its so much more fun layering as well as my love for knitwear and tights! This Autumn Fall has all my favourite things involved: Leather, Studs and Burgundy! and below you can see Primark are on the game with their Autumn Winter Collection, I'm loving the monochrome patterns and the Khaki Jacket with the leather Sleeves. As most of the Stuff is already in shops now I would get them while you can !

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