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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Lipstick Lookbook: MAC Smoked Purple

Ok so I didn't keep my promise of posting everyday in December but I only missed out on one day and after watching people's dedication to their vlogmas videos I'm feeling inspired to power on with my posts. What better way than to have the return of good ole lipstick lookbooks :) If you don't know I've went through a few blog names in the past (maybe its a good thing youtube don't allow username changes!) and my blog was previously known as Leopard Lipstick, cringing a bit at the thought of that name but the purpose was to blog about my favourite make up product which is lipsticks... anyway I will continue on with the same blog post title and try and upload these regularly because as you can imagine I love blogging about lipsticks. For me personally I like to see lipstick swatches on the lips as it shows accurately as it looks against on your skin tone and what not and if you have pigmented lips like me you'd want to know how true to colour the lipsticks are.

So on to the lipstick in question this was my go to dark lip last winter and I have been wearing it now and then through out the year as well. It's a matte finish so I would be weary of the dry aftermath but I do love the cool tone to it and how it adds the vampy-ness (can this just be a word for this post ok?) to any look! I haven't seen many people talk about this lipstick so would love to know if anyone has this or is planning to buy it. Or even better would be if anyone knew of a creamy dupe of this shade :)