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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Throwback Travel Thursday: Berlin !

Keeping on with the #throwbacktravelthursday I'm going to let the picture do the talking here, but Berlin is beautiful place to go for a winter break. I went there in January 2014 and it was soo cold (like -10!) but for some reason it didn't feel that bad as people there were used to it and were still going about their daily routine. Berlin has so much history and if you were a History geek like me you would be interested and appreciate in seeing some of the aftermaths of the post war era and how Berlin capture it all. They have so many museums and historical spots such as the Berlin Wall that you would never get bored there. There's so much to do there and and food is affordable there as well. My pictures don't do it justice as I didn't have proper camera then so all was taken on my good old phone! Anyway Berlin would be another place I would love to go back and explore more as I feel like I could have seen a lot more..
               Have you been to Berlin ? Top place / thing to do there ? :)

So close to the holidays as well :D