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Saturday, 12 December 2015

New Lush Products

Lush is a place I like to go to when I'm in the mood to have have pamper bath but recently I was on hunt to buy some products with "less" chemicals I guess. Now that my hair is a lot longer its has been weighing down my hair, making my scalp look thinner therefore wanted a product that would help hair regrowth.  The lush assistant recommended me their shampoo bar which helps stimulating the scalp boosting blood flow which then should help with hair growth. This really intrigued so I had to get it! on the plus side as well it's meant to last 60-80 washes! 
On the topic of less chemical products I really want to move away from standard deodorants and one thing lush offered was their deodorant powder which help eliminate odour and can be used for underarms and feet (won't be using it for that), I've tried their deodorant bars before and I thought it was Ok not that effective (tmi) so I'm hoping the powder will be a bit better. 
Of course I couldn't leave Lush without a bath ballistic and this blackberry bath bomb was meant to help you feel relaxed and distressed which I definitely need at the moment! I've already used this and love the smell and colour it left my bath. I much prefer the ballistics to the bath melts but it terms of use of money I would recommend getting the bubble bars as you can break them up into pieces and use it for numerous baths! All in all Lush can be a tad expensive in terms of their bath bombs but the other products I got I think are good value for money. This doesn't mean I'm not going to their sale after Christmas ;) 

The lovely Lush assistant also gave me a free sample of their toothy tabs which was a new concept to me, basically their toothpaste that will dissolve in your mouth once you start brushing, haven't tried it yet but will report back! :)

Have you tried of these, if so what do you think of them ?