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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Throwback Travel Thursday : Amsterdam

Hi everyone!

I thought keeping in line with #blogmas I would start a little edition this month and do throwbacks of my travels. One thing I always said I would talk about if I restarted the blog would be travelling as its started to become a goal of mines to do and I honestly believe travelling opens up your eyes to the beauty of the world. 2013 was the year I started exploring outside of my comfort zone, slowly but surely I've had a few city breaks but its my plan to do so more next year, be it on my own! I've got a few places to go and I'm hoping I can share it all with you! 

The first edition to this Throwback Travel Thursday (maybe i should patent this :P) post is the time I went to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is beautiful and cultural place and its great if you a looking to go for a long weekend break. I loved every minute of it, this was the second European country I visited and I love the European vibe I felt! We went in December 2013 and the Christmas Markets were there as well so got an added bonus of visiting a market full of food (foodies dream)! it was also a city that never sleeps as there were people roaming about after midnight.  If you love learning about the history and culture then this would be perfect as they had many museums and exhibitions to go to! If you are planning on visiting Amsterdam soon I highly recommend getting the I Amsterdam Card, the card gets you access majority of the museums as well as covering the costs of transport and we even got a canal ride included in ours! It's so worth the money and if you trying you pack a lot of things in a few days this card would be perfect for you. 

I think my favourite part of Amsterdam  as I mentioned was how friendly and laid back the people were, whenever we needed help with directions people were more than happy to help. English is spoken widely there so there was no language barrier issue. I know some people associate Amsterdam with "party" weekends but I can assure that its definitely a place to visit if your looking for a relaxing cultural break. We went there for four days which I thought was ideal enough as we were able to visit all the places we wanted to see. It's definitely a place I would go back and visit in the future :) 

Sorry for the quality of the picture some were taken with an iPhone 5 (#bloggerfail).

Have you been to Amsterdam or are planning to visit ?